Imagine being part of a live trading room where former CBOE traders, hedge fund managers, technical charting experts, volatility experts, retired executives, researchers, analysts, entrepreneurs, expert premium sellers and even some retired professional athletes are bouncing ideas off each other, exchanging their best moneymaking opportunities, and giving real-time buy and sell advice. That’s what you get in The War Room.

The traders in this room have generated hundreds of thousands – if not millions – in real-life profits using the techniques that’ll be discussed right before your eyes – every single trading day.

As a member of Monument Traders Alliance, you’ll be united with all of these successful individuals and exposed to a wide variety of ideas, tactics and strategies – many of which offer benefits that are truly incalculable.

Who We Are

Over the last decade, veteran traders Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla have been quietly recruiting some of the savviest, cleverest, and most successful traders and speculators – and inviting them to join a live, real-time, collaborative platform of individuals with the same common goal: to make winning trades.

Bryan is the founder and Head Trade Tactician of Monument Traders Alliance. He’s also a former CBOE options trader and the founder of Bottarelli Research. Karim is the co-founder and Head Fundamental Tactician of Monument Traders Alliance. He’s also the , with more than 30 years of investing in options and international markets under his belt.

Restoring the Lost Art of Smart Speculation

Our mission at Monument Traders Alliance is to change the way you approach speculation by giving you the tools, market intelligence and real-time, actionable advice to send your daily profit-making potential into the stratosphere.

Like most investors, you’ve probably safely tucked away 90% to 95% of your money – earning a modest return that’s hopefully outperforming the S&P 500 – while also outpacing inflation. That’s smart, that’s safe, that’s secure – but it’s also boring.

Here at Monument Traders Alliance, we’ll help you put the remaining 5% to 10% of your wealth to work – speculating intelligently.

Let’s be crystal clear – this isn’t reckless trading. Far from it. Rather, as a member of Monument Traders Alliance, you’ll receive calculated, precise strategy speculations that have proved successful and enormously profitable for decades.

A big part of smart speculation means being properly positioned ahead of time for a future market move. There’s no point hearing about all the “big winners” on CNBC after they’ve already run up. We want to be the ones buying ahead of the hoopla surrounding a newsworthy move or event. If your trade is executed properly – and your speculation hits – you’ll be the one cashing in when other traders are just hearing about the payoff.

Of course, not every speculation will pan out. But the ones that do hit will give you a toe-curling rush of adrenalin unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s this exhilaration that makes life worth living, and you’ll be in position to feel it on a daily basis – all by being part of Monument Traders Alliance.

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